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A ministry of the 26th Street church of Christ on the campus of Marshall University
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Welcome to the official website of Herd4Christ, a campus ministry of the 26th
Street church of Christ on the campus of Marshall University in Huntington,
WV. Look through our site & take the time to see some of the things we do.
Make sure to check out the website for the 26th Street church of Christ as well.
You won't find a more sound & loving congregation of Christians anywhere. If
you're visiting Marshall on a Sunday or Wednesday, take the time to stop by &
worship with us at 26th Street. We'd love to get to know you better & let you
get to know us better as well. We provide rides to all worship services &
activities for all students needing transportation. If you have any questions
whatsoever, you can contact our campus minister, Chris Roberts, at

This Weeks Activities:

Wednesday Night Bible Class & Service Group Meeting
(Wednesday,  February 10 @ 7pm @ the 26th St. church of Christ)
We’re continuing our annual question & answer class entitled "You've Got
Questions, God Has Answers". I appreciate the questions I've received so far &
hope to be able to get through them all by the end of the quarter. If I don’t get
to your question, I will try to address it during a Devo, sermon or by some
other means.
Please take the time to be a part of this class & invite your friends as well. Rest
assured, I will keep all questions anonymous.
These are the questions we’ll be discussing this Wednesday:

We’ll be continuing to look at the questions regarding instrumental music in
the worship to God.  The big question is:

-“Why don’t we use instruments in our worship to God?”

We will continue looking at this in depth, & look at both the arguments for &
against it.  I would love your participation in this, so I would like you to
consider the following arguments for it we will look at this week:
- Playing an instrument is a natural talent & should be devoted to God.
- It was used under the law of Moses, then why not today?
- There are instruments of music in heaven, why not the church?
- They are used in the home, then why not in the worship of the church?
- Instrumental music is never in the worship. Worship is in the heart.

-“Can you explain Exodus 4:24-26?  Was the Lord wanting to kill Moses? What
does “surely you are a bridegroom of blood to me” mean?”

Take some time to think about the question yourself & be prepared to discuss
it on Wednesday.
Please also plan to stick around after class to be a part of our “Timothy”
Service Group.  February is our Service Group month, so we will send out
cards to those having birthdays or needing encouragement.
If you have any questions or need a ride, please contact Chris Roberts at 

Dinner & A Movie Night
(Thursday, February 11 @ 7pm @ the Roberts' Home)
We will eat an awesome home-cooked meal & then, in honor of Josh’s
birthday, he will get his pick of the movie we watch. It's a great time to get
away, relax & enjoy time among Christian friends.
On the menu this week: Spaghetti.
If you need directions, have any questions, or need a ride please contact Chris
Roberts @ Herd4Christ@Yahoo.com.

Herd4Christ Olympics Devo #2
(Friday, February 12 @ 6pm @ the 26th Street church of Christ building)
This Friday’s Devo will be the second week of our Olympics Devo @ the church
building @ 6pm. After a fine meal that will include Heart-Shaped pizza (Happy
Valentine’s Day), we will enjoy some singing, prayer & a lesson from God’s
Word.  Afterwards, we will continue the Herd4Christ Olympic Games.
If you missed last week, you will be placed in one of our 3 teams (Reuben,
Zebulun or Dan).  You will keep these teams over the course of the games.  If
you can’t make it to this week’s Devo, you will be placed on a team the next
week.  There will be 3 different events that will take place, with medals &
points awarded for the winners.  At the end of the Olympics, custom-made
Gold, Silver & Bronze Medals (Very nice ones by the way!) will be awarded to
the teams according to their overall score.  This promises to be a lot of fun & I
hope that you can take part in it.
This Friday the events set to take place will be:
Shooting Biathlon
Corn Hole

Our Final team event will be a Bible Bowl (We are Herd4Christ, after all), & it
will be on 1 Corinthians 9, 2 Timothy 4 & Hebrews 12.  There will be 10
questions per chapter.  I’m telling you this now so that you will have an
opportunity to study these chapters well ahead of the Bible Bowl on February
If you have any questions or need a ride, please contact Chris Roberts @

Sunday Bible Class & Worship
(Sunday, February 14 @ 9:45am & 6pm @ the 26th Street church of Christ)
Ben Allan will continue teaching a class entitled, “gods at War”. We’ll be
looking at the various things that can become our idols in this life & take us
away from the True & Living God.  Please take the time to be a part of this
good class.
After class we'll enjoy a time of worship together.  Don't forget to be back for 
evening worship @ 6pm.
If you need a ride to church, please contact Chris Roberts @
Herd4Christ@Yahoo.com, so that we can arrange to pick you up.

Senior Sweetheart Dinner
(Saturday, February 20 @ 1pm @ the 26th Street church of Christ)
We'll be hosting a "Senior Sweetheart Dinner" for the senior citizens of the 26th
Street church of Christ on Saturday, February 20. We'll be arriving at the
building by 1pm to set up the room & finish preparing the food. Our guests of
honor will be arriving @ 4pm, so we will want to be dressed up & ready to go
by then. We'll need ushers, waiters/waitresses & kitchen staff. This is a
wonderful way to honor & respect our elders. The more help we have, the
better it will be. If you can help, please let me know. I will have a sign-up
sheet available this Wednesday.

Learn to sing "Lord Be There" 
This is a beautiful song & one that I would like us all to learn to sing.  It
requires four distinct parts (Soprano, Tenor, Alto & Bass).  I've included each
individual part below.  Sing along with the part you wish to learn & we can
sing it together at devotionals.  To hear what it sounds like with all the parts
together, click on it under Volume 2 on the left of your screen.

Lord Be There Soprano Part            Lord Be There Tenor

Lord Be There Alto Part                 Lord Be There Bass Part
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From the inside cover of Volume 3:  We are Herd4Christ, a campus ministry of the 26th Street church of Christ. This is the third CD we have put together as a group. While we are not professional singers, we do love to praise our Lord with our voices as He would have us to do. I hope that you enjoy our third humble attempt at putting together some of our favorite songs on this CD. If you don't know some of them, take the time to learn them. It is our hope that these songs will help to lift your spirit. I would like to thank all our singers. This wouldn't be possible without you.
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