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A ministry of the 26th Street church of Christ on the campus of Marshall University
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Welcome to the official website of Herd4Christ, a campus ministry of the 26th Street church of Christ on the campus of Marshall University in Huntington, WV. Look through our site & take the time to see some of the things we do. Make sure to check out the website for the 26th Street church of Christ as well. You won't find a more sound & loving congregation of Christians anywhere. If you're visiting Marshall on a Sunday or Wednesday, take the time to stop by & worship with us at 26th Street. We'd love to get to know you better & let you get to know us better as well. We provide rides to all worship services & activities for all students needing transportation. If you have any questions whatsoever, you can contact our campus minister, Chris Roberts, at Herd4Christ@Yahoo.com.

This Weeks Activities:

Wednesday Night Bible Class
(Wednesday,  September 2 @ 7pm @ the 26th St. church of Christ)
Travis Huffman will continue teaching our Wednesday night class on the topic of "By Faith".  We’ll be looking at all those listed in Hebrews 11 & what they were able to accomplish by faith.  It’s a chance to get acquainted with many of the heroes of faith of the Old Testament & see what we can learn from them.
Please take the time to be a part of this class.
Please plan to stick around a little bit after class for a Herd4Christ Activities Meeting.

If you have any questions or need a ride, please contact Chris Roberts at  Herd4Christ@Yahoo.com.

Dinner & A Movie Night
(Thursday, September 3 @ 7pm @ the Roberts' Home)
We will eat an awesome home-cooked meal & then we will watch a really good movie voted on by majority rule. It's a great time to get away, relax & enjoy time among Christian friends. On the menu this week: Ham & Cheese Sandwiches.
If you need directions, have any questions, or need a ride please contact Chris Roberts @ Herd4Christ@Yahoo.com.

"Hunger Games" Devo

(Friday, September 4 @ 6pm @ Barboursville Park & the Roberts' Home)
Back by popular demand is our “Hunger Games” Devo.  We’ll meet this Friday at Barboursville Park (our arena).  We’ll meet at the shelter by the lake (shelter # 8) & enjoy a good meal together & then enjoy our “Hunger Games”. These games will be loosely based on the 75th Hunger Games from the book Catching Fire.  These games will be pretty physical, combining elements of capture the flag & freeze tag. Unlike the Hunger Games of book & film, you’re not expected to kill each other or even hurt each other in any way. That would hardly be a Christian thing to do & this is for fun. You will, however, be competing against each other. There will be some elements of the games that are reminiscent of the books & movie. May the best "tribute" win & "may the odds be ever in your favor".  After the Games are complete, we’ll head to the Roberts’ home where we’ll have some singing, prayer & a lesson from God’s Word. I hope you all can make it. If you want to come for the Devo & not take part in the Games, that’s fine. We’d still love for you to be there.
If you have any questions or need a ride, please contact Chris Roberts @ Herd4Christ@Yahoo.com.

Sunday Bible Class & Worship

(Sunday, September 6 @ 9:45am & 6pm @ the 26th Street church of Christ)
Chris Roberts will continue teaching our “Muscle and a Shovel” class.  I have 3 more copies of the book & can order more if needed.  I only ask that you take the time to read it.
The book is called “Muscle and a Shovel” because it takes work & commitment to dig into God’s Word, learn the truth & be able to share that truth with others.  With that in mind, please consider the following:

-For this week, please read chapters 5-9 by Sunday so we can discuss them. 

-I also gave out 100 notecards to everyone.  You’ll use those notecards to write down passages of scripture.  You put the scripture on one side & the reference on the other.  The scriptures for this week are:
Romans 8:28, Matthew 24:36, 2 Thessalonians 1:7-8 & 1 Peter 3:21
There will be new scriptures each week.  Try to memorize one of them per week.

-Please write down your conversion story.  Who was involved in bringing you to Christ?  What did you do to be saved?  Did you obey the gospel of Christ?  How did God’s providence play a role in your conversion?

-Write down 10 people you can help bring to Christ

This book is about the author’s conversion story.  It is personal, practical & there’s a lot we can learn & take from it as we seek to spread the gospel.  Please take the time to be a part of this class.
After class we'll enjoy a time of worship together. Don't forget to be back for worship at 6pm. If you need a ride to church, please contact Chris Roberts @ Herd4Christ@Yahoo.com, so that we can arrange to pick you up.

Parents' Afternoon Out
(Sunday, September 13 following morning worship until evening worship @ the 26th Street church of Christ)
We’ll be having a "Parents' Afternoon Out" on Sunday, September 13 during the time between morning & evening worship. This is where we get to do some good for the many parents of our congregation & their young children. We'll be watching kids from approximately 1pm - 6pm @ the 26th Street church of Christ building. The parents get an afternoon to themselves & we get to have a blast with the kids. I hope you can plan to be a part of this good work as we need all hands on deck. The more help we have, the better it will be for everyone. Please let me know if you plan on helping.  I plan to have a sign-up sheet available this Wednesday.

Learn to sing "Lord Be There" 
This is a beautiful song & one that I would like us all to learn to sing.  It requires four distinct parts (Soprano, Tenor, Alto & Bass).  I've included each individual part below.  Sing along with the part you wish to learn & we can sing it together at devotionals.  To hear what it sounds like with all the parts together, click on it under Volume 2 on the left of your screen.

Lord Be There Soprano Part            Lord Be There Tenor Part

Lord Be There Alto Part                 Lord Be There Bass Part
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